Fresh From The Salt

Joshua W. Broer


I was born and raised in Tarpon Springs, FL, where I spent my formative years on the water until moving to Land O' Lakes in 1990. Having spent many years on the saltwater I then lived on a large freshwater lake for ten years and developed a passion for bass fishing. In addition, I spent a number of years scuba diving, focusing primarily on spear fishing and photography. Last, for another good chunk of my life, I became heavily involved in paddle sport, including canoeing and kayaking, but with a hunger for big water sea kayaking. I became involved in the British Canoe Union (BCU) system of sea kayak training and coaching. Currently I am working at the University of South Florida where I earned a bachelor's degree in American Literature and Creative Writing and a master's degree in Public Administration. I then took a job at the university as the Facilities, Safety and Security Manager for the College of Arts & Sciences and am still in that role today. I have also been a contributor to outdoor journals including Saltwater Angler Magazine and Onshore-Offshore Magazine. My current interests are fishing in the fresh, fishing in the salt, and the beautiful game of disc golf.

Mission Statement

The Fresh From The Salt gang.

Fresh From The Salt is a group of good friends, both charter captains and recreational anglers alike, who cherish our Florida West Central Gulf Coast and the saltwater riches it provides. Our vision and goal to continue to explore our vast system of back-country estuaries and shallow water flats, our beautiful beaches, passes and rivers, and our deep blue offshore waters leading to the mighty Gulfstream. Our primary focus will always be to find the fish, of course, in these various saltwater habitats. Most of our bounty will come via hook-and-line using live bait, artificial lures and flies, though we are also dedicated scuba and free-diving spear fishermen who hunt below the water as well. Further, though a fresh water endeavor, we are largemouth bass fanatics who will forever search for that lunker fish in large lakes, small ponds, and local brackish rivers. Bass, bluegill, speckled perch (crappie to our northern brethren), gar, grass carp and more, will always be targets for our baitcasting, spinning and fly rods alike as we won't limit ourselves to saltwater alone. So please come along on our journey as we devote ourselves to the water, both above and below, shallow and deep, and as always, never stale. We are Fresh From The Salt.

Our Boat

Catch A Fire

Catch A Fire

Our current skiff is a 2000 Maverick Master Angler 17’.  Known as the “biggest little boat on the water”, this legendary hull design is known for its amazing rough water capability.  After departing with our beloved Reel High in 2005, I knew that the Maverick was the boat for us.  Not only had I researched it’s amazing seaworthiness and positive owner satisfaction, I fell in love with this boat through the mystery novels of New York Times best-selling author Randy Wayne White.  In his series of mystery novels featuring marine biologist and CIA operative Doc Ford, his character Doc Ford keeps a Maverick Master Angler 21’ tied up to his stilt house in Tarpon Bay.  Mr. White’s own life very much parallels that of his main character as the writer, too, has his own 21’ Maverick at his home on an old Calusa Indian shell mound in Sanibel Island, FL.  Both the author, Mr. White, and fictional character Doc Ford describe Maverick’s Master Angler as possibly the best overall performing skiff on the water.  This then became my own new dreamboat which I wasted no time in acquiring and still run today.  This great skiff, the Catch A Fire,  has been improved over the years with the addition of:  a push pole, poling platform, jackplate and hydraulic steering, new electronics, second livewell, trolling motor and power pole, and a casting platform/tarpon fighting chair.  Though a flats boat by nature, the rough-water handling characteristics of this skiff allows us to take her as far as 20 miles offshore to bottom fish over hard bottom, artificial reefs and wrecks.  The Catch A Fire is truly a master hybrid design.

Reel High

Reel High

For many years the Fresh From The Salt gang skipped around the flats of Tarpon Springs in a modified 1982 Sheffield mullet boat known as the Reel High.  This boat had been fished commercially for most of its life before being converted into a charter boat designed to fish both the flats and tarpon grounds of Boca Grande.  At 23 feet in length and with a nine foot beam, this monster skiff could comfortably hold up to six anglers.  Retrofitted with a 200 hp motor moved from the center of the boat to the transom, and equipped with a large scissor jackplate, this flat-bottom beast could run easily in approximately 4” of water and darn near jump sandbars.  To complete the transformation of this unique fish-fighting machine, also added was a large tower which could hold four people, a beautiful mahogany dash, electronics and stereo at the helm, a giant 60 gallon livewell, and a tarpon fighting chair on the bow deck.  Upon transformation of this amazing boat by the Gause-Built family of Tarpon Springs, FL, it was immediately featured in the St. Petersburg Times and graced the cover of the February, 2000 issue of Florida Sportsman Magazine as part of their “One Man’s Dream Boat” section.  Although it is no longer part of the Fresh From The Salt family, this incredible boat can still be seen all throughout the Tampa Bay area, from the skinniest flats to the big waters of the Skyway Bridge, doing what it has done for almost three decades now – endlessly catching fish.