Fresh From The Salt

Catch of the Month

To send in a photo of your favorite catch each month to show off in our Catch of the Month section, please include:  your name, type of fish caught, length and/or weight, bait used, and general location (optional).

Direct your emails and photos to and we will post them shortly.

Thank you.

November 2012

Joshua Broer with a huge freshwater blue catfish caught on a Missouri minnow in Land O' Lakes.

October 2012

Joshua Broer with a big Skyway Bridge gag dug up just before the season closure.

September 2012

Brad Lowman with a fast and furious false albacore pulled from a school of blitzing fish at the mouth of Tampa Bay.

August 2012

Local fly fishing master Brad Lowman with a pint-sized tarpon caught in a deep, back-country marsh.

July 2012

John Guiseppi with a mess of gulf flounder taken from Tampa Bay.

June 2012

Joshua Broer with a huge black drum taken on a crab fly in Tampa Bay.

May 2012

David Skidmore, Sr. with a fat cobia caught near Weedon Island.

April 2012

Ken Lindsey with a huge black drum caught on a live crab near the Gandy Bridge.

March 2012

Randy Berens with a big snook caught near the Anclote River.

JB with a bull red caught in upper Tampa Bay.

February 2012

Captain Trever Meyer with a pair of 20"+ gator trout.

January 2012

Raquel with a lunker bass caught on Lake Saxon.

December 2011

JB with a slot size wintertime trout caught on lightweight fly tackle.

November 2011

JB with a fat Tampa Bay gag just before the season closure

John Guiseppi with a fat Tampa Bay gag just before the season closure

October 2011

Joseph Gamble with a beautiful false albie that put a hurtin' on his light spin tackle.

JB with an 8 lb. false abacore (aka: little tunny) that took him 100 yards into his backing.

September 2011

The author with a huge gag grouper on opening day.

August 2011

The Fresh From The Salt crew with a limit of mangrove snapper on the full moon.

Dominic Peverini with a nice flatty on a scorching summer day.

JB with an overslot red caught near the mouth of Anclote River, Tarpon Springs.

July 2011

Raquel Pancho with a 17" southern flounder caught in the upper part of Tampa Bay.

Mark Wechsler with a gorgeous brown trout caught on a streamer in Edwards, CO.

June 2011

James Davis with a 28” red snapper caught in 85 feet of water, 17 miles west of Ft. Desoto.